Who Wears It Sluttier? Natasha Nice vs Kayley Gunner

One of my favourite things to do with lesbian shoots is to eye up the two models and see which one is dressed the sluttier.

I know, I’m a sick individual.

Anyway, today’s two starlets come via the best lesbian site (in my not so humble opinion) Girlfriend Films. And they would be Arsenal fan Kayley Gunner and curvy American soccer mom Natasha Nice.

If you aren’t sure who is who, Kayley Gunner is the girl above. And Natasha Nice, by means of deduction that Sherlock Holmes would be proud of, is the one below.

Now, I do very much like Ms. Gunner’s thong. That’s really quite lovely.

But I also do very much enjoy Ms. Nice’s red dress. Mighty slutty.

However, is a dress lingerie?


And does Natasha Nice look nicer than Hayley when only in her lingerie?

Hmmm, I’m not sure. What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know.

What I do know is that I do love a bit of end of the month lesbian action. Actually, it doesn’t need to be the end of the month. It can be the start of the month, or the middle of the month, or really whenever. I’m always happy to see girl on girl action.

As I am sure you are, too.

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