Voluptuous Bride Lennox Luxe

Weddings have been off the cards for too long now, thanks to that fucking Covid 19. Fortunately the bad old days are seemingly behind us, and I don’t know about you but I’m invited to several weddings this summer. Lucky me.

Being a massive pervert, of course, I can’t help but picture what the bride may (or may not) be wearing under her flowing white wedding gown. Fortunately with busty beauties like Lennox Luxe, I don’t have to use my imagination. Well, I guess I still do, but only in what I’d do with her once we got back to the bridal suite.

What a cracking pair of norks, eh lads?

I do love me a curvy girl in lingerie.

I’ve kept it to the lingerie shots here, but you can be sure that – being Brazzers – this shoot gets harder once the guy rocks up. Here’s their spiel:

It’s Lennox’s wedding day and she’s alone in her room, unsure if she really wants to do this! Her fiancé tries calling her but she won’t pick up, so he sends his best man Chad in there to see what’s up. But holy shit: he catches her masturbating! She starts panicking and telling Chad she can’t get married, and he tries to calm her down. To his shock she comes on to him strong and since you can’t say no to a bride on her wedding day, he fucks her brains out while her fiancé waits downstairs.

Dirty Bride starring Lennox Luxe & Chad White

It’s pretty standard adult fair, but if you like the idea of your curvy, bridal lingerie clad wife-to-be cheating on you with your best man on the day of your wedding, then this may be right up your street.

You dirty pervert, you.

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