The Harley King

Imagine living the dream, for the moment. Would it involve finding fresh faced young blondes to pose for you (and the rest of the Internet) in a black, strappy little bondage number?

If I’m honest with myself, I’m thinking that: yes. That would be living my best life.

Unfortunately, I just sit here writing about the girls. Not actually snapping them. Woe is me. And you, I imagine.

So today we have the rather delightfully exhibitionist Harley King from FTV Girls. A young lady who is far from shy about dressing in not very much and showing us quite a lot. Fair play.

Hi, my name is Harley King! I come from a small town in Kansas. I love books, music, sports, travelling and anything covered in chocolate. Before starting in this modelling I was in college studying to become an athletic trainer. I found this interest through playing sports myself. I was a competitive cheerleader and a power-lifter. But like a lot of college students, I just wasn’t satisfied with the life I was living, so I changed it. I wanted a life not tied down to a 9-5, I wanted to travel, meet new people and experience things that route in life just wouldn’t have allowed me to. So here I am, following my dreams… just with a little less clothing.

Harley King’s bio at FTV Girls

Now, I’m sure that, like me, when you see a girl with a body and a face like this, and she’s largely already naked and showing you … well, everything, you still want to see more.

I don’t blame you.

That’s why you need to click here. Go on. You deserve nothing less.

Phwoar. Eh?


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