The Chase

There are sometimes girls that I feature on this site, girls that I see in some of the many adult movies and picture sets that I watch and see, and I think: you know what, I might have a chance with her.

I mean, it’s wishful thinking, but there could be a possibility, you know?

Yeah. I don’t get that with Scarlet Chase.

If there was a league, let’s just say she is so far out of mine it’s the difference between a Sunday pub footballer and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Anyway, if she is reading this (doubtful, but hello Scarlet if you are), then I’m sure her ego has inflated proportionally to my arousal when I saw her. If that makes sense. Probably not.

I mean… this set is hot as fuck, right?

That little thong that peels open?

Christ alive.

Honestly, she reminds me of a certain current pop princess, who I won’t name for legal reasons. No doubt that girl is as naughty as this one behind closed doors. Unless her music videos are entirely misleading.

And you know when you think things have gone well, and then they get better?

Yeah, not only is that thong a filthy little masterpiece, it also fails to hide the second flowery treat waiting beneath.

God. Damn.

I mean… well… I don’t know what I mean.

I’m kinda lost for words at this point.

Stop thinking.

Start undressing.

And enjoy.

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