Feeling Serene

Having a shitty week at work? Suffering from a dash of the mid-week blues? Can’t believe your bastard boss has made you start working from the office once more? Well, I sympathise. But one way to make up for it is to do a little unashamed fantasising about the girls, or in this case, women … Read more

Karlee Grey In Slutty White Stockings

I’ve been in two minds as to whether or not to post this set for a good long while now. Karlee Grey is pretty as a picture in her hot pink stilettos, and I love her white fishnet stockings. But that body? I’m less keen on that. It has a kinda dancer / clubby kind … Read more

A Trio Of Bridal Behinds

Here comes the brides. Here comes the brides. That’d be something, wouldn’t it? Multiple brides… the harem theme, I believe it’s called in Erotic Fiction. Well, it’s not technically three brides here. It’s “bride to be” Cherie Deville (brunette with veil), alongside London River – blonde on the right in all the above / below … Read more

Lesbian Maids #4 – Kit Mercer & Adira Allure

It’s a tough old life, isn’t it? Shall we imagine Kit Mercer (the lady in the black ball gown) is a well kept woman, or a self made millionairess? I’m voting for well kept woman. And seeing as this is both my site and my post, we’re going to have to roll with that. Sorry … Read more

Lesbian Crime Stories #06 – Whitney Wright & Penelope Kay

Is lesbianism a crime? Well, thankfully not in the good old UK. Nor anywhere with sense, come to think of it. So what the heck is a film called Lesbian Crime Stories #6 all about? Well, there must be 5 prior films that have tried, and presumably failed to explain the premise or solve the … Read more