Madelyn Monroe’s MILF Massage

The truth of it is I am too young to remember Marilyn Monroe. She was gone twenty years before I was born. But by all accounts she was quite the lay, if her legacy is to be believed. One thing that always got me about Marilyn Monroe was she was considered quite plain, yet she … Read more

Wedding Sluts Nicole Aniston & Julia Ann

Oh I do love me a good wedding. Horny occassions, they are. Women, dolled up to the nines. The bride, dressed in a big gown – but what’s underneath? Something virginal, no doubt, even though you know girls these days are anything but. And wouldn’t it be super nice to be invented as a guest … Read more

Honour May in Sheer Pink Bra & Panties

Honour May. I love her name. A great pun for a girl who couldn’t look any more like a dominatrix if she tried. I’ve seen a few Honour May movies myself, some JOI type stuff for which she seems naturally talented, and one that caught me off guard as being harder, but I can’t find … Read more

Naughty Nurse Alina Lopez

Not the first outing for Ms. Alina Lopez when it comes to Slutty Lingerie, but the first time we’ve seen her in her naughty nurse costume. So the pictures up top are ‘what happens later’… and why the fuck do men in porn always wear such fucking awful boxer shorts? They look like something your … Read more

FTV MILF Nicole’s Extra Lacey Curves

Well, we have a treat in store for ourselves today. Welcome to the site, the gorgeous Nicole from FTV MILFs. A MILF? She barely looks old enough to qualify for the moniker. But boy howdy am I glad to see her on here all the same. What a stunner. Hot lingerie on an even hotter … Read more

Danielle FTV’s A Christmas Cracker

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Danielle FTV post here on Slutty Lingerie. Which is a shame, as she’s fucking gorgeous, insanely curvy, and always a firm favourite. As such I had to bring her back for Christmas. Being completely up front with you though, the days of Danielle FTV being an active … Read more

April Olsen in Slutty Pink

Nothing says cold and wet November quite like a tanned foreign beauty in her skimpy lilac lingerie. At least it doesn’t in my flat. This one is a proper belting little number, isn’t it? All kinds of slutty. And that’s before April Olsen gets anywhere near it. Once she’s wearing it, the sluttiness jumps another … Read more

Naughty Nurse Charlotte Sins

Hot damn. I always love a post featuring the ultra aesthetically pleasing Charlotte Sins. Unsurprisingly then, she features a lot on this blog. Was it a coincidence I chose to go with a promo series for Zero Tolerance’s new release Nurses Love Black Cock given that Ms. Sins is the prime cover star? Of course it … Read more

Naughty Nurse Adira Allure

Naughty white nurses, and big black cocks. It’s your classic porno staple really, isn’t it? Well, Zero Tolerance seem to think so. And they sent me over videos and pictures for me to sink my overly large and out of shape British teeth into. How nice of them. Coming up over the next week or … Read more