Naughty Nurse Kenna James

Right then, we’ve had: Adira Allure Mona Azar Charlotte Sins And today we have our fourth and final babe from Zero Tolerance‚Äôs new release¬†Nurses Love Black Cock. Welcome then, Kenna James. For me, she has an absolutely banging body. Loving her slim shape and that matching white thong and bra. Very frilly. Simple, yet effective. … Read more

Nevada Dream Girl Ashley

You know what these snaps remind me of, for some reason? Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Gunna be honest, not entirely sure why. Maybe it’s the car. I’ve never seen the movie, but I have read the book. I’m sure they drove a white Cadillac on their drugged up travels. Is this a Cadillac? … Read more

The Magnificent Julia Ann

Here’s the truth about life: Some people were born lucky. Either they were born rich, born destined to be rich later in life, or born so good looking that life would give them lemonade whilst everyone else had to get by sucking lemons. Well, Julia Ann got handed the “so good looking” prize. And unlike … Read more

The Holy Trinity

I guess the holy trinity is really three separate things… or maybe one thing in three parts. I’m not exactly fresh with my whole Jesus / God narrative… as you might imagine, what with me running a mucky website and all. Anyway, today’s young Christmas carol is Trinity, dressed as a slutty little elf. Well, … Read more