Man Alive, It’s Tommy King

Holy fucking tatty bojangles. Today we have Tommy King, who I have to admit, I was confused about as to whether that was the name of the guy in this shoot. But no. I mean, fuck me, just look at that bra and thong. Jesus Christ. My day is complete. And that’s before we get … Read more

Madelyn Monroe’s MILF Massage

The truth of it is I am too young to remember Marilyn Monroe. She was gone twenty years before I was born. But by all accounts she was quite the lay, if her legacy is to be believed. One thing that always got me about Marilyn Monroe was she was considered quite plain, yet she … Read more

Lauren Louise in Sheer Black Lingerie

Oi oi, it’s girls who are out of my league day. Wa.. Wait a minute. That’s pretty much every day here, isn’t it? You’re damn right. But if these girls didn’t want me to look, they wouldn’t have taken the time to pose for all manner of mucky photos and videos, now would they? No. … Read more

Kiara Lord in Slutty Black Lingerie

In all my life I’ve never had strawberries and champagne. Am I really missing out? Who knows. I must say though, I am thoroughly enjoying watching Kiara Lord teasing me with that plump red fruit. And that’s one fancy bathroom and bath tub, isn’t it? I bet that cost a pretty penny. Might I go … Read more

It’s All About Kiara Lord

Today’s pictures come from a bigger set – a much bigger one, actually. I’ve hand picked just three pictures, of which I’m only really concerned with the first two. Scroll down and you’ll see why. Yes, friends, that sluttiest of sluts in the short and slatternly pink dress is Kiara Lord, who features in this … Read more

Mucky Mummy Dee Williams

Oh mother. Yeah, so, often the sets I see of Dee Williams focus on the whole ‘mother’ vibe. Such as this one from WatchYourMom dot Com. Nice domain name, very fun to say. However, quite a weird concept, no? Actually I’d really rather… you know, not watch my mom? Maybe it’s an American thing. Having … Read more