Kassandra Krave’s Hint of Pink

This (as ever) stunning shoot from Met Art is called “A Hint Of Red”… but in my mind the better title is “A Hint of Pink”, as whilst Kassandra Krave teases us with her shaved pussy, in these pictures at least we don’t see further. The thing with Met Art is they constantly find stunning … Read more

Melissa Moore & Riley Reid’s Lingerie Threesome

Riley Reid, she’s had more cocks than John Wayne’s pistol. But you still would, wouldn’t you? Perhaps it would turn you on even more knowing just how many more fucks she’s had so far this year than you’ve had in your entire life. Actually, that’s quite depressing. No more so because it’s almost certainly true. … Read more

A Trio Of Bridal Behinds

Here comes the brides. Here comes the brides. That’d be something, wouldn’t it? Multiple brides… the harem theme, I believe it’s called in Erotic Fiction. Well, it’s not technically three brides here. It’s “bride to be” Cherie Deville (brunette with veil), alongside London River – blonde on the right in all the above / below … Read more

Lesbian Crime Stories #06 – Jane Rogers & Jordan Max

Keen eyed readers (or those who view the ‘related posts’ at the bottom of each page) will no doubt remember Lesbian Crime Stories #06 – Whitney Wright & Penelope Kay from a few months back. Well, at the time I also enjoyed this other shoot from Jane Rogers (the ginge up top), and stern looking … Read more

Sprouts Will Keep You Regular

I’m going to take a punt here and say that Fiona Sprouts must be using her real name. She must be. There’s just no other way that anyone would enter the adult industry and think, yes, I shall name myself after no ones favourite vegetable. Fiona Sprouts, an adorable porn newbie, wants to know what … Read more

Mama Mia it’s Lucia Maria

Right then, a question for you: What is the purpose of lingerie such as this, modelled so perfectly by Lucia Maria? The reason I ask is simply one of practicality. See, this lingerie is beautiful. Colourful, certainly. Making a statement? I’d say so. But for every day or even bedroom wearing? I’m really unsure. Bare … Read more

Madelyn Monroe’s MILF Massage

The truth of it is I am too young to remember Marilyn Monroe. She was gone twenty years before I was born. But by all accounts she was quite the lay, if her legacy is to be believed. One thing that always got me about Marilyn Monroe was she was considered quite plain, yet she … Read more

Margo Moor in Ravishing Pink Lingerie

Holy fuck balls. And you thought Borat was the best thing to ever come out of Kazakhstan? Well if you can put aside any imagery of a mustachioed man in a mankini for just one moment, then hopefully that frees up space to fully internalise and appreciate the sublime slender silhouette of Margo Moor. Margo … Read more