Naughty MILF Tegan James

Hur hur, I fucked your mum. The classic wit of your average British teenager. Well, those daft yanks over at Naughty America decided to take that idea and run with it. But let’s be honest, none of your mates every had a mom who looked like Tegan James. Sadly. Anyway, not only does Tegan not … Read more

Sheena Ryder’s Slutty Stockings

Uh oh, mummy found your cummies. Shame on you, leaving your soggy semen soiled tissues around the house like that, expecting others to clean up after you. Well, err, something like that. As far as unusual porn plots go, I guess this isn’t that cuckoo. Today’s mom, or, err, Step Mom (to keep it legal, … Read more

Hot Slut Luna Star

Ever wonder what a girl, dressed as such, might have done for a career if they hadn’t chosen getting their kit off in front of a camera? Imagine working in an office, and the girl next to you is Luna Star. Productivity would be through the floor, wouldn’t it? The IT guy would have a … Read more

To Me, To You, With Courtney Blue

Hmmm. I look at Courtney Blue in this bright red dress and you know what I think? Stiffler’s mom. Well, a younger version, and more European… but there’s a resemblance there. Unsurprisingly when I saw the red and black combo I felt an urge to publish the pictures here. There’s just something so enticing about … Read more

Katy Ann Largely Uncovered

We’re crossing some boundaries today with the rather retro looking Katy Ann, courtesy of Scoreland. Something that always puzzles me about Scoreland is how recent their shoots are. So this one is from February 2020. About a year ago. But the style of the shoot looks older. I’m not aiming to be disparaging here. It … Read more

Slutty Stock Broker

How did your stock portfolio perform in 2020? Did you sit it out, or did you have the balls to go all in? Do you think your luck might have been different if Autumn Falls was in charge of your money? It takes a special kind of woman to make it in the male dominated … Read more

Curvy Katie Thornton in Pink

Few countries do a curvy slut like the good old United Kingdom. God bless the Queen. And God bless Katie Thornton for showing off her curves in such a delightful fashion. For me, this ones all about that leg on the counter, knickers from behind shot. Love it.