Delicious Dillon Diaz

Oh Dillon Diaz. Dillon, Dillon, Dillon. Why, oh why won’t you smile? It’s a real shame Dillon doesn’t smile in these shots, or indeed, in most of the resulting video. I really like her. I love her curves, and this see through black matching lingerie is so perfect on her. But she really doesn’t look … Read more Delicious Dillon Diaz

Hitting The Correct Cadence

I’ll make no odds about it, bisexual stuff (the male, male, female / MMFBi) doesn’t do it for me. However, each week I get sent a ton of new promo shoots, and sometimes the lingerie shots in these sets is just too good to pass up on. As was the case this week with this … Read more Hitting The Correct Cadence

What Lies Beneath

Do you remember when we all worked in offices? I know, I know, it seems like a long time ago. I don’t miss the corporate office much, if I’m honest. But what I do miss is those girls (and sometimes, “women”, though I use the term loosely) who thought that dressing a little too provocatively … Read more What Lies Beneath

MetArt’s Marika Zane is a Touch of Class

I hesitate to call this slutty lingerie (as this site is kinda all about), but I really like what MetArt’s Marika Zane is wearing in this shoot so wanted to post it all the same. MetArt, for those of you who are unaware, is one of the oldest and most refined adult sites on the … Read more MetArt’s Marika Zane is a Touch of Class

Lily Larimar in Baby Blue Lingerie

FTV Girl’s Lily Larimar today, looking ready to devour in baby blue see through lingerie. Can lingerie be both innocent and slutty at the same time? If I wasn’t sure before, after seeing these pictures I’d give a definite YES to that question. Catch more of Lily Larimar at FTV Girls.

Paige Owens White Goddess

Paige Owens looks absolutely stunning in this all white ensemble. I love see through lingerie, but the real stand out of the pair is that sexy af thong. If anything, Paige Owens most reminds me of a plantation wife in this one. From the days of America’s past. Beckoning one of the farm hands in … Read more Paige Owens White Goddess

MetArt Avery Loves Cake

Has the inventor of the peekaboo bra being knighted yet? If not, a crime has been committed. Still, I’m sure you can raise your own sword in honour of the inventor, and enjoy this delectable set of MetArt’s brunette beauty Avery. Peekaboo indeed.