Sprouts Will Keep You Regular

I’m going to take a punt here and say that Fiona Sprouts must be using her real name. She must be. There’s just no other way that anyone would enter the adult industry and think, yes, I shall name myself after no ones favourite vegetable. Fiona Sprouts, an adorable porn newbie, wants to know what … Read more

MetArt’s Melena A

Slutty stockings shoot? Slutty stockings shoot. Today we have Melena A from MetArt, one of Russia’s less hostile exports. At the time of me writing this post, Melena A is ranking at #16 on the year’s babe scale at MetArt which is no mean feat. They have like 3950+ girls on their site, putting her … Read more

Lesbian Crime Stories #06 – Whitney Wright & Penelope Kay

Is lesbianism a crime? Well, thankfully not in the good old UK. Nor anywhere with sense, come to think of it. So what the heck is a film called Lesbian Crime Stories #6 all about? Well, there must be 5 prior films that have tried, and presumably failed to explain the premise or solve the … Read more

The Ever Gorgeous Lauren Phillips

Is Lauren Phillips the hottest redhead currently performing? I want to say yes. But if you disagree, leave a comment with who you think is hotter. I’m always up for a judging. These pictures come from a shoot that’s… well, about as hard as you would expect from our pals over at Evil Angel. It’s … Read more

Mucky Mummy Dee Williams

Oh mother. Yeah, so, often the sets I see of Dee Williams focus on the whole ‘mother’ vibe. Such as this one from WatchYourMom dot Com. Nice domain name, very fun to say. However, quite a weird concept, no? Actually I’d really rather… you know, not watch my mom? Maybe it’s an American thing. Having … Read more

Merry Christmas from Tiffany Rousso

Tiffany Rousso, a mature blonde perhaps best known by foot fetish fans… of which I am not. But that’s not going to stop me posting this, the first of two Tiffany Rousso updates in the run up to the big day. This shoot today comes from our friends at Anilos, the mature arm of the … Read more