Demi Dressed in Red

Festive season is almost upon us – heck, if you go to your local shopping centre you might be fooled into believing it’s been Christmas for the last two months. September the first, that’s when Christmas starts in retail. But we aren’t in retail, are we? Well, you may be. This may be your escapism … Read more

FTV Girls Jasmine in Strappy Red Lingerie

Holy fucking shitballs. Where do FTV find this lingerie? I must be shopping on the wrong sites. Well, I say shopping. I mean browsing. Or maybe even just perving. Whatever I’m doing I am yet to find anywhere selling these strappy little numbers. If you know where they come from, do let me know by … Read more

Busty Blonde Audee in Red Lingerie

Right then. Today we have Audee, the first of three curvy girls coming over the next few days, all from Scoreland. Why? Because I recently joined the site again, on a whim, and these were the busty beauties who caught my eye. Now, as ever, it’s hard / impossible for me to have looked at … Read more

FTV MILF Jessica In Red Lingerie

My, my, doesn’t time fly. It certainly doesn’t feel like two weeks ago since I last made a post about curvy brunette FTV MILF Jessica. But apparently it is. More of her curves today, and in a rather lovely little red number. Any fan of the site will tell you I am quite the sucker … Read more

FTV Girls Hayley Uses The Force

Fans of this blog will know I do very much enjoy a girl who is, herself, enjoying the shoot. Or, to put it another way, a smile goes a long way. And today’s cute blonde, Hayley from FTV Girls, is a very smiley individual. Now, is it just me, or is that a very Star … Read more

Ginger MILF Lauren Phillips In Slutty Red Lingerie

Are you a fan of ginger girls? Well, today’s curvy MILF Lauren Phillips is the hottest carrot top I think has ever graced this site. And it’s her natural colour, too. None of that fake ginge here, folks. I tell you what I do very much like about Lauren Phillips, something that I came across … Read more

Who Wears It Sluttier? Natasha Nice vs Kayley Gunner

One of my favourite things to do with lesbian shoots is to eye up the two models and see which one is dressed the sluttier. I know, I’m a sick individual. Anyway, today’s two starlets come via the best lesbian site (in my not so humble opinion) Girlfriend Films. And they would be Arsenal fan … Read more