MetArt’s Melena A

Slutty stockings shoot? Slutty stockings shoot. Today we have Melena A from MetArt, one of Russia’s less hostile exports. At the time of me writing this post, Melena A is ranking at #16 on the year’s babe scale at MetArt which is no mean feat. They have like 3950+ girls on their site, putting her … Read more

Ivy Rain in Red Lace Bra and Panties

As you can no doubt imagine, I see a lot of adult imagery on any typical day. So much so that I’d say about 80% of it does absolutely nothing for me. Not a stir to be found. But when I see a set like this, featuring Ivy Rain in her lacey red bra and … Read more

Kelly Hathaway at Only Secretaries

Oh Kelly Hathaway, how much I fancy the pants off of you. Yes, if there’s one thing I am aware of, I have a serious failing for falling head over heels for a girl and then featuring them a little too frequently on this site. Cough cough, Katie Thornton. Well, I’ve only featured the stunning … Read more

Slut Wife Ella Hughes

Payback’s a bitch, right? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And all that. Well, if you take your tea-total wife to a wedding anniversary wine tasting, what do you expect if you get so drunk she ends up blowing off steam by blowing someone else? As far as porno plot lines go, it’s … Read more

Mucky Mummy Dee Williams

Oh mother. Yeah, so, often the sets I see of Dee Williams focus on the whole ‘mother’ vibe. Such as this one from WatchYourMom dot Com. Nice domain name, very fun to say. However, quite a weird concept, no? Actually I’d really rather… you know, not watch my mom? Maybe it’s an American thing. Having … Read more