Alexa Black in Slutty Pink Lingerie

Now then. I was in two minds as to whether to feature Alexa Black or not. Russians aren’t exactly flavour of the month. But I’m a sucker for a slut, and photographs don’t get much sluttier than these. In my humble opinion, of course. There’s just something so trashy about this outfit, and I fucking … Read more

Luna Cleans Up

OK, not gunna lie. I straight up like this girl because she looks so dirty. And I mean dirty in that good way that means she is a bad girl. A very bad girl. My kind of girl, truth be told. And yours, too? I suspect so, what with visiting sites like this and all, … Read more

April Olsen in Slutty Pink

Nothing says cold and wet November quite like a tanned foreign beauty in her skimpy lilac lingerie. At least it doesn’t in my flat. This one is a proper belting little number, isn’t it? All kinds of slutty. And that’s before April Olsen gets anywhere near it. Once she’s wearing it, the sluttiness jumps another … Read more

Sensational Charlotte Sins in Hot Pink Stockings

What do you do when you’re born beautiful? Keep your beauty to yourself and your local community? Many do. But what a shame. How about getting your kit off, and being an absolutely filthy bitch on the internet? Now we’re talking! Enter Charlotte Sins. I mean… I wish I could… Honestly, she is truly one … Read more

Filthy Pink Cutie Lana Analise

Oh yes. My kind of slut. Just all round dirty naughty. Lovely. Today we have Lana Analise, a new girl to the site, but one I’m already keeping an eye out for a repeat visit. I do like the smaller tits / bigger arse combo. My kinda woman. And this girl is very happy looking … Read more

Pink Pleasure Vanna Bardot

A newbie to the site today, in the sultry form of Vanna Bardot. There’s plenty to like in this shoot, and these are just the teaser shots. Check out the “official description” for a hint at what more is to come: Pouty brunette Vanna Bardot grimaces as authoritative MILF star Francesca Le reprimands her for … Read more