Louisa Lu in Floral Pink & Blue Lingerie

I may be wrong but I think Art Lingerie’s Louisa Lu is the first oriental babe I’ve featured right here on Slutty Lingerie. As soon as I laid eyes on this stunning pink and blue matching set (and those sexy as fuck pink heels) I knew I would be posting these pictures on here. It’s … Read more

Karlee Grey In Slutty White Stockings

I’ve been in two minds as to whether or not to post this set for a good long while now. Karlee Grey is pretty as a picture in her hot pink stilettos, and I love her white fishnet stockings. But that body? I’m less keen on that. It has a kinda dancer / clubby kind … Read more

Sweet Sveda

Now here’s something that is so far removed from my day to day that ‘fantasy’ is the only place I can safely put it. Sveda, a name until now I’d never heard of, is young, blonde, and just has that incredibly naughty facial expression that would almost certainly lead to trouble. She’s the perfect example … Read more

It’s All About Kiara Lord

Today’s pictures come from a bigger set – a much bigger one, actually. I’ve hand picked just three pictures, of which I’m only really concerned with the first two. Scroll down and you’ll see why. Yes, friends, that sluttiest of sluts in the short and slatternly pink dress is Kiara Lord, who features in this … Read more

Luna Cleans Up

OK, not gunna lie. I straight up like this girl because she looks so dirty. And I mean dirty in that good way that means she is a bad girl. A very bad girl. My kind of girl, truth be told. And yours, too? I suspect so, what with visiting sites like this and all, … Read more

August Ames & Zoey Portland Are Lipstick Lesbian Lovers

To make this easy for you, here’s August Ames: Which means the blonde in the white lingerie must be Zoey Portland, right? Right. At least we got the pair of them discernibly discerned. Zoey Portland and August Ames are two new pornstars from North America for you to feast your eyes upon! The glamour porn … Read more