In & Out Of Christina’s Slutty White Dress

Now then, who doesn’t like a woman in a hot and slutty dress? Well… crazy folk, I guess. The rest of us? We love that sort of thing. And this cutaway little number tantalising us with Christina‘s tattooed body beneath is a very enticing example. The beautiful busty blonde Christina is back and is looking … Read more

Naomi Woods & Alena Croft Lingerie Lesbians

Awooga! Awooga! Super cute hottie alert! OK, so true time fantasy material for us all to enjoy today. Above, and might I say, gorgeously so is the delightful Miss Naomi Woods, a self described “mattress actress” out of Miami, Florida. She’s just fucking delectable, isn’t she? I’ve seen her in a few films now and … Read more

Slutty Secretary Lana Rhodes

You know what I need? A secretary. And a sexy one. Like Princess Meghan on Suits, or Lana Rhodes here. Now, the truth is I am neither special nor busy enough to warrant secretarial services. But then a man such as myself wouldn’t want an inexperienced young beauty hanging around for her administerial prowess. No … Read more

It’s Fate

Hows the New Years Resolutions going? Gym every day, still? Enjoying your 5km runs? What? No? You gave up back in the first week of January?! Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. Well, maybe you would have stuck with the exercise regime had it involved keeping a pervy, watchful eye over cute and innocent looking … Read more

Curvy Katie In Pink & Black

First question of the day: Does Katie Thornton appear too frequently on Slutty Lingerie? Yeah… maybe. Probably? I don’t know. When I like a girl, I tend to go looking for more of her. Second question then: Is this Katie’s best set yet? I challenge you to click here and see all the other Katie … Read more

A Touch of Class

Oh, a hot one for you today. I’m just absolutely in love with Joceline from Art Lingerie in this classy, yet tantalisingly inviting knickers and bra set. Somehow the bra looks refined and elegant, all the while being sheer and showing off her nipples very invitingly. And those matching knickers. Everything is there, but her … Read more

The Chase

There are sometimes girls that I feature on this site, girls that I see in some of the many adult movies and picture sets that I watch and see, and I think: you know what, I might have a chance with her. I mean, it’s wishful thinking, but there could be a possibility, you know? … Read more

7 Slutty DVD’s To Kickstart 2022

Right then guys and girls, I thought I might share with you the DVD covers that took my eye as I was searching for my next watch. I’ve done two similar posts before, and they are ever popular. So what the heck, right? Let’s dive right into it. 7. UNCUT #07 Top XXX producer/director/stud Mick … Read more