Kassandra Krave’s Hint of Pink

This (as ever) stunning shoot from Met Art is called “A Hint Of Red”… but in my mind the better title is “A Hint of Pink”, as whilst Kassandra Krave teases us with her shaved pussy, in these pictures at least we don’t see further. The thing with Met Art is they constantly find stunning … Read more

MetArt’s Melena A

Slutty stockings shoot? Slutty stockings shoot. Today we have Melena A from MetArt, one of Russia’s less hostile exports. At the time of me writing this post, Melena A is ranking at #16 on the year’s babe scale at MetArt which is no mean feat. They have like 3950+ girls on their site, putting her … Read more

MetArt’s Izolda A in Red Lingerie

My word, MetArt have some utterly gorgeous models, don’t they? And Izolda A is hands down amongst their very best. Absolutely stunning. Now, I’m going to let you into a sad little secret. Well, I guess it’s not that much of a secret, it’s plain to see if you visit MetArt and take a look … Read more

Stunning 18 Scarlette’s Slutty Leopard Print Knickers

MetArt constantly surprise me. Somehow they have managed to keep finding hot, lithe, and fresh faced beauties for what, two decades or more? Quite the achievement. The sheer quantity of existing content, along with the tens of new photo and video shoots they add each week is staggering. Stunning18.com is just one of the many … Read more

Sweet As Olivia Honey

Well, hello there, miss Olivia Honey. Giving all the vibes of the aristocracy, this is, I imagine, what happens when posh girls stop reading Tatler and start getting ready for their debutantes ball. I’m all about lingerie with cut out bits. Bras without cups, knickers without … well, what would we call these missing sections? … Read more

MetArt Greta in See Through Knickers

Naughty knickers post? Naughty knickers post. Today we have the rather innocent looking Greta from MetArt, in angelic white. But what lies beneath? See through knickers, of course! Well, a see-through white thong, if we want to be entirely accurate. And what a lovely, skimpy little thing it is, too. Somehow even fully removed of … Read more

Arya in Peekaboo Violet Lace Lingerie

I’ve said it time and time again, but Met Art is truly one of the most consistent and highest quality adult websites on the net. With years and years of content – a truly staggering amount – there’s so much to see here that it’s a no-brainer if you like what you see, and want … Read more

Hannah Lynn in Utopia

I’m going to level with you: this set from MetArt featuring Hannah Lynn is filthy for one very specific, very depraved reason. And that reason? Her very delicious arse hole. Now, I get it. Not everyone is an arse kinda guy. But I am. And Hannah’s arse hole is so fucking sexy. It’s the way … Read more

Suok in Santa Baby

By far and away my all time favourite lingerie colour combination is red and black. So it should be no surprise that as soon as I laid eyes on MetArt’s Suok in their Santa Baby shoot, I had to upload the pictures here right away. These snaps came out on December 25th 2019. A truly … Read more