Katlynn’s Peekaboo Panties

Oh yes. Oh yes, indeed. Now this is exactly the kind of slutty lingerie this site is all about. I don’t want to say cheap looking but this is one of those almost throw away sets that’s only used for one thing: sex. Or, I guess, ladies with urgent bowel issues. Modelled expertly by FTV … Read more

Sinclair Shows Off Her Spectrum

FTV Girls is a site I’ve returned back to many times over my years in the adult entertainment industry. For one, it’s because they have consistently found amongst the cutest and freshest American girls this business has to offer. And for two, it’s because some of their staple starlets have been the most memorable of … Read more

Ava Addams Knows How To Dress Hot

Ava Addams. Named after the Addams family, because she’s real spooky and, of course, I’m making this bullshit up because it’s Halloween. Nah, maybe that’s true. I have no idea. I thought I might do a special Halloween flavoured slutty lingerie post today but the last time I posted a bunch of “real” girls in … Read more

Saucy Office Slut Charley Atwell

You must know a girl like Charley Atwell. You simply must. Whether she works in your office, at one of the other offices in your company, or at another place you used to work… Something tells me every man (and woman) knows a girl like this. You know what I mean. Dresses like a provocative … Read more

It All Matches With Estelle Taylor

Sometimes it the shy ones who are the most filthy. Estelle Taylor most definitely seems to fit that category. Fortunately, the boys over at Score Land know just how to dress up a demure brunette to enhance her already rather voluptous figure to show it off to its maximum potential. Or, to put it in … Read more

Angela White in Purple Lingerie

I say. Is there a better way to kick start one’s Tuesday than with a dash of Angela White? I think not. What what. You may know this set. I certainly do… but then, I have the full video on DVD. Because I’m a hardcore pervert. Now, it may come from more than one DVD, … Read more