Who is Hotter? Gia Derza or Aubree Valentine

Right then, straight up, who is who? Well, first up we have Aubree Valentine. And I must say I am loving both her short black leather skirt and that gorgeous thong waiting underneath. The hold up black thigh highs? Just the icing on the cake. Plus she’s not bad looking, is she? Yup, Aubree is … Read more

Melissa Moore & Riley Reid’s Lingerie Threesome

Riley Reid, she’s had more cocks than John Wayne’s pistol. But you still would, wouldn’t you? Perhaps it would turn you on even more knowing just how many more fucks she’s had so far this year than you’ve had in your entire life. Actually, that’s quite depressing. No more so because it’s almost certainly true. … Read more

Lesbian Crime Stories #06 – Jane Rogers & Jordan Max

Keen eyed readers (or those who view the ‘related posts’ at the bottom of each page) will no doubt remember Lesbian Crime Stories #06 – Whitney Wright & Penelope Kay from a few months back. Well, at the time I also enjoyed this other shoot from Jane Rogers (the ginge up top), and stern looking … Read more

Lesbian Maids #4 – Kit Mercer & Adira Allure

It’s a tough old life, isn’t it? Shall we imagine Kit Mercer (the lady in the black ball gown) is a well kept woman, or a self made millionairess? I’m voting for well kept woman. And seeing as this is both my site and my post, we’re going to have to roll with that. Sorry … Read more

Rachel Starr & Dillion Harper in The Submissive Stripper

What’s hotter than going to a stripper? A woman going to a stripper. Yes, that’s right. Now, I’ve never been to a strip club. Or had a lapdance or any of that good stuff that is probably a right of passage for men with chlamydia. But I can still appreciate. And what’s not to like … Read more

Freya Parker & Nikki Sweet’s Secret Lesbian Diary

Freya Parker and Nikki Sweet. The first question to answer is: who’s who? Well, Nikki Sweet is the blonde in the pictures above, and by Sherlock tier powers of deduction, that must mean Freya Parker is the sexy brunette below. So which one is hotter, in your opinion? You’re welcome to leave a comment and … Read more

Alyx Star & Nicole Sage Kiss n’ Tell

OK, today we have two young starlets and the question – as ever when we have two girls to enjoy – is which one is your favourite? First up we have knicker teasing temptress Alyx Star. For me it’s all about that first shot. The merest hint of a girl’s knickers and I’m panting like … Read more

Lesbian Crime Stories #06 – Whitney Wright & Penelope Kay

Is lesbianism a crime? Well, thankfully not in the good old UK. Nor anywhere with sense, come to think of it. So what the heck is a film called Lesbian Crime Stories #6 all about? Well, there must be 5 prior films that have tried, and presumably failed to explain the premise or solve the … Read more

Naomi Woods & Alena Croft Lingerie Lesbians

Awooga! Awooga! Super cute hottie alert! OK, so true time fantasy material for us all to enjoy today. Above, and might I say, gorgeously so is the delightful Miss Naomi Woods, a self described “mattress actress” out of Miami, Florida. She’s just fucking delectable, isn’t she? I’ve seen her in a few films now and … Read more