Katerina Hartlova’s Slutty Red Dress

Late last week I did a post on Kenzie Taylor’s Slutty Red Dress. But honestly, I think this one, modelled by curvy beauty Katerina Hartlova not only surpasses it, but absolutely annihilates it. Jesus, fuck. This is one hot look. Or am I mistaken? For a second I doubted myself. Is this a suitable set … Read more

Back in Black with Katerina Hartlova

Katerina Hartlova, with her gigantic norks, was one of my favourite big boobed blondes a few years back. Then she seemed to disappear off the scene. Well, I’m happy to have found her again, and she’s still as busty as she ever was. You won’t find any of the typical hard-as-fuck boy / girl stuff … Read more