Rachel Starr & Dillion Harper in The Submissive Stripper

What’s hotter than going to a stripper? A woman going to a stripper. Yes, that’s right. Now, I’ve never been to a strip club. Or had a lapdance or any of that good stuff that is probably a right of passage for men with chlamydia. But I can still appreciate. And what’s not to like … Read more

Lauren Louise in Sheer Black Lingerie

Oi oi, it’s girls who are out of my league day. Wa.. Wait a minute. That’s pretty much every day here, isn’t it? You’re damn right. But if these girls didn’t want me to look, they wouldn’t have taken the time to pose for all manner of mucky photos and videos, now would they? No. … Read more

Ivy Rain in Red Lace Bra and Panties

As you can no doubt imagine, I see a lot of adult imagery on any typical day. So much so that I’d say about 80% of it does absolutely nothing for me. Not a stir to be found. But when I see a set like this, featuring Ivy Rain in her lacey red bra and … Read more

Kylie Page Is My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend

Holy moly. Today’s feast for the eyes is Kylie Page, and oh my days is she a stunner or what? Sometimes I come across (no pun intended) girls so hot I wonder what good deeds I must have done in a previous life to be treated to seeing them in and out of such lovely … Read more

Slutty Wife Kayley Gunnar

There’s a fantasy out there that a lot of guys seem to enjoy. The fantasy of cheating. And to be fair, it’s not just a guy thing. Take a peek on most large adult tube sites and you’ll find plenty of “porn for women” type videos that actively encourage a little extra marital activity. Now, … Read more

Wedding Sluts Nicole Aniston & Julia Ann

Oh I do love me a good wedding. Horny occassions, they are. Women, dolled up to the nines. The bride, dressed in a big gown – but what’s underneath? Something virginal, no doubt, even though you know girls these days are anything but. And wouldn’t it be super nice to be invented as a guest … Read more