FTV Girls Jasmine in Strappy Red Lingerie

Holy fucking shitballs. Where do FTV find this lingerie? I must be shopping on the wrong sites. Well, I say shopping. I mean browsing. Or maybe even just perving. Whatever I’m doing I am yet to find anywhere selling these strappy little numbers. If you know where they come from, do let me know by … Read more

Carmen FTV in Lovely Floral Lingerie

Now then, what do we have here? Why it’s none other than demure brunette Carmen Rae from FTV Girls. Is this a slutty set? Well, I’m going by how sheer her lingerie is. If 0 is opaque, and 10 is transparent, we’re at a good 7 or 8 today. Cute and pretty flower pattern aside, … Read more

Sinclair Shows Off Her Spectrum

FTV Girls is a site I’ve returned back to many times over my years in the adult entertainment industry. For one, it’s because they have consistently found amongst the cutest and freshest American girls this business has to offer. And for two, it’s because some of their staple starlets have been the most memorable of … Read more

Slutty Scarlett In Naughty Knickers

How’s your Wednesday going, friend? Possibly a little better for seeing these slutty snaps of FTV Girl Scarlett, I imagine? I can certainly attest to that. Who doesn’t love a glimpse of hot pink knickers on a tarty young blonde? Actually, there’s more than a glimpse on offer here. But before I go too much … Read more

The Harley King

Imagine living the dream, for the moment. Would it involve finding fresh faced young blondes to pose for you (and the rest of the Internet) in a black, strappy little bondage number? If I’m honest with myself, I’m thinking that: yes. That would be living my best life. Unfortunately, I just sit here writing about … Read more

Dakota Fanny

A fresh face for the site today in the form of FTV Girl Dakota. And I have to say, I’m loving this sheer little number that she is sporting. Regular readers will know I’m a sucker for see through lingerie, and it’s nice to see a more unusual colour in today’s shoot. What is this, … Read more

Giselle Is A Strapping Young FTV Girl

If you’re going to pick a name for yourself when you kick start your adult career, choosing a name like Gisele seems to set you off on the back foot. Think Gisele, think well known super model Gisele Bundchen, right? However, I have yet to see snaps of that Gisele wearing lingerie this brazen. Anything … Read more

FTV Girl Kara Is Your Fantasy Wife

Call me grump, in fact, call me what you like, but it does annoy me when a girl doesn’t smile for (most of) her shoot. Why even do this if you’re not enjoying yourself? Now, I get it. Some girls think they have that smouldering Brad Pitt type vibe going on, but in the case … Read more