Carmen FTV in Lovely Floral Lingerie

Now then, what do we have here? Why it’s none other than demure brunette Carmen Rae from FTV Girls. Is this a slutty set? Well, I’m going by how sheer her lingerie is. If 0 is opaque, and 10 is transparent, we’re at a good 7 or 8 today. Cute and pretty flower pattern aside, … Read more

Alexya in Strappy Black Floral Lingerie

Is there anything hotter than a curvy woman in lingerie? I don’t think so. And this lingerie is beyond the usual. This is some glamour puss, strappy and slutty affair the likes of which this site was made for. Nice. Yes, today we feature beautifully busty Alexya, Romania’s curviest brunette export. What a country. I’m … Read more

FTV MILF Jessica Ryan

I was debating with myself as to whether this lingerie, as modelled by FTV MILF Jessica Ryan, is something I’d consider slutty or sexy. Perhaps somewhere in between? What do you think? So, for me, the pink floral pattern is sexy and quite classy. But the black lace and overall strappy structure is fairly slutty, … Read more

Provocative Pornstar Paige Owens

What’s a guy to do when his favourite hot and horny high heeled harlot insists on wearing a quarter cup bra and posing suggestively? Well, Paige Owens is here to give us today’s struggles. I absolutely love these shots. That bra and thong combo are just stunning, and those glittery heels? 😙 Now, as ever … Read more

Mila FTV Girl in White Lingerie

Hello, hello, a nice smile to start the day, why not? Yes, today we have the lovely brunette Mila, straight across from FTV Girls. I do love some nice pierced nipples, and Mila is modelling hers to perfection. What a treat. But also that first shot below, with her bra cups tucked under her pert … Read more