Voluptuous Bride Lennox Luxe

Weddings have been off the cards for too long now, thanks to that fucking Covid 19. Fortunately the bad old days are seemingly behind us, and I don’t know about you but I’m invited to several weddings this summer. Lucky me. Being a massive pervert, of course, I can’t help but picture what the bride … Read more

Bloody Hell It’s Frankie L

I know she’s at ‘home’ (aka in the Layered Nylons photography studio bedroom set), but for me, Frankie L looks exactly like the hot office girls I see going about the lunch break in the City. Now, you must know the type of girl I’m on about. You’re sat on your lonesome, on your bench … Read more

Mama Mia it’s Lucia Maria

Right then, a question for you: What is the purpose of lingerie such as this, modelled so perfectly by Lucia Maria? The reason I ask is simply one of practicality. See, this lingerie is beautiful. Colourful, certainly. Making a statement? I’d say so. But for every day or even bedroom wearing? I’m really unsure. Bare … Read more

Alyx Star & Nicole Sage Kiss n’ Tell

OK, today we have two young starlets and the question – as ever when we have two girls to enjoy – is which one is your favourite? First up we have knicker teasing temptress Alyx Star. For me it’s all about that first shot. The merest hint of a girl’s knickers and I’m panting like … Read more

Curvy Blonde Schoolgirl Melissa Manning

Being a high school teacher is a hard life. You don’t get paid very much considering all the little fuckers you have to put up with on a daily basis. And beyond the lads, who are obviously experiencing all manner of changes they can’t really fully explain just yet, there’s the girls who are growing … Read more