Slutty Maid Samantha Bentley

How, oh how, have I never featured naughty Brit Samantha Bentley yet on Slutty Lingerie? I did several searches on the site just to make absolutely double / triple certain, and as far as I can see, this is Sam’s first time… on here, at least. Now then. Frilly maids? What we thinking boys and … Read more

Christmas 2020 Adult Wallpaper Collection #6

The last of my Slutty Lingerie Christmas adult wallpapers series. For this year, anyway. If you’re new here, there’s new slutty lingerie for you every single day. So don’t forget to bookmark. I’d say like and subscribe, but this isn’t fucking YouTube.

Rachele Richey And Gina Sperm at Christmas

We’re getting good and ready for Christmas now, as are Rachele Richey and (the rather grossly named) Gina Sperm. You may be wondering which blonde is which. Well, Rachele Richey is the one in the black dress, and Gina Sperm is the delight who has received the Shirley of Hollywood Holiday dress. Yes, true lingerie … Read more