Scarlet Chase Is A Filthy Bitch

Crikey. Every so often I come across a set so rude I am in two minds as to whether to feature it. Or maybe that should have been “ass to whether I should feature it”. Such is the crisis / moral dilemma I faced today, when I spied this delightfully deviant depiction of harlot Scarlet … Read more

Peneloppe Ferre Loves Her Butt Plug

And so, might I add, do we. As all shall become clear below. So yes, today’s treat is the proper posh named Peneloppe Ferre. Thats Peneloppe with two p’s. No typo. I quite like that the lingerie is like her name – it’s trying to be posher than it is. Now, of course, for me … Read more

Vanessa Vega in Crotchless Lingerie

Now this is some outfit, isn’t it? I’m enjoying how the gold dangly bits of the “bra” (if you can call it that) match the colour of Vanessa Vega‘s heels. Who doesn’t enjoy colour co-ordinated outfits, eh? Exactly. So these snaps come from a very hardcore series over at Evil Angel (do they do anything … Read more

Alex FTV MILF Posing in Purple Lingerie

Looking at these first few snaps of Alex from FTV MILFs posing away demurely in her purple lingerie, you may be wondering why this one’s featuring on a site called Slutty Lingerie? Well, partly it’s the see-through aspect. I do love being able to see what lies beneath. But it’s what happens a little later … Read more

FTV MILF Indica Flower in Slutty Pink Lingerie

I like to think I’m a fairly honest guy. And in that spirit, I am going to share my opinion of Indica Flower‘s second shoot featured here on Slutty Lingerie. I absolutely fucking love these shots. I know. I know. I can tell what you’re thinking: You’re bound to say that, Mr Blogger, as you’re … Read more