Collared Harlot Lily Lou

Simple, yet effective. That’s how I’d describe this slutty ensemble modelled by oily brunette Lily Lou. I do quite like that thong, how it sits square on her full hips. And that matching low and revealing bra, barely holding itself together by a thread in the middle. And let’s not forget that collar. Black and … Read more

Sweetie Baby Anie Darling

Ahh MetArt. They seem to have an infinite supply of attractive young beauties who are all too willing to get their kit off in front of the camera. You know it really makes me wonder where my life went so wrong. Why am I sat here merely looking and writing about these beauties, rather than … Read more

Margo Moor in Ravishing Pink Lingerie

Holy fuck balls. And you thought Borat was the best thing to ever come out of Kazakhstan? Well if you can put aside any imagery of a mustachioed man in a mankini for just one moment, then hopefully that frees up space to fully internalise and appreciate the sublime slender silhouette of Margo Moor. Margo … Read more

Alexa Black in Slutty Pink Lingerie

Now then. I was in two minds as to whether to feature Alexa Black or not. Russians aren’t exactly flavour of the month. But I’m a sucker for a slut, and photographs don’t get much sluttier than these. In my humble opinion, of course. There’s just something so trashy about this outfit, and I fucking … Read more

Rachel Starr & Dillion Harper in The Submissive Stripper

What’s hotter than going to a stripper? A woman going to a stripper. Yes, that’s right. Now, I’ve never been to a strip club. Or had a lapdance or any of that good stuff that is probably a right of passage for men with chlamydia. But I can still appreciate. And what’s not to like … Read more

Time To Jackie Hoff

Oh my. There’s something so wrong about naughty nerd Jackie Hoff that just makes this set so right, isn’t there? I mean, for a start off I love her name. Jackie Hoff. That’s a belter. And dressed up as a nerd… well, you can tell immediately that she is nothing close to this in real … Read more

Lauren Louise in Sheer Black Lingerie

Oi oi, it’s girls who are out of my league day. Wa.. Wait a minute. That’s pretty much every day here, isn’t it? You’re damn right. But if these girls didn’t want me to look, they wouldn’t have taken the time to pose for all manner of mucky photos and videos, now would they? No. … Read more