Saucy Office Slut Charley Atwell

You must know a girl like Charley Atwell. You simply must. Whether she works in your office, at one of the other offices in your company, or at another place you used to work… Something tells me every man (and woman) knows a girl like this. You know what I mean. Dresses like a provocative … Read more

Katie Thornton Bad in Black

I know. I know. I’m a sucker for this girl. Katie Thornton, to me, is what this site is all about. Beautiful. British. And beyond question utterly stunning slutty lingerie. So good is the girl that this is the second time in the last few days I’ve gone in search of her and her… incredible … Read more

Red XXX and Lucy in Leather and Lingerie

Red XXX. The filthy cockney queen of fetish fun. I know she’s not for everyone, but those that enjoy this particular look ought to be kept abreast of Red’s latest debauchery, wouldn’t you agree? Well, even if you don’t agree, that’s what is happening today. All dressedĀ up in My new skin tight leather dress, boots … Read more

Katie Thornton’s Cracking Norks

Katie Thornton, every man’s favourite busty Brit. Well, I say every man, I’m sadly sure several among us have not yet had the pleasure of feasting eyes over her mega melon-ed form. Fortunately, today we can correct yet. Katie Thornton, to the best of my knowledge, started out softcore and slowly drifted into the harder … Read more

Sophie Dee in Slutty Pink Lingerie

Look at me, I’m Sophie DeeA stranger to virginityCan’t stay out of bed, no matter if wedI’m hot, I’m Sophie Dee Not Grease Ahh Sophie Dee. Amazingly, this is the first time her voluptuous British curves have featured here on Slutty Lingerie. My bad. My bad. Sophie Dee has managed what many Brits try, but … Read more

Slutty Maid Samantha Bentley

How, oh how, have I never featured naughty Brit Samantha Bentley yet on Slutty Lingerie? I did several searches on the site just to make absolutely double / triple certain, and as far as I can see, this is Sam’s first time… on here, at least. Now then. Frilly maids? What we thinking boys and … Read more

Curvy Katie Thornton Rocks In Red

Oh Katie, how I love your beautiful curves. Yes, today’s pretty pleaser is beautiful Brit, Katie Thornton. It’s fair to say that Katie has featured fairly heavily on this site. Yes, I have a soft spot for her. And by which, I mean hard spot. But I don’t think you lucky people mind, do you? … Read more

Lady Sonia in Strip Off My Underwear As You Wank

Not often we have videos here on Slutty Lingerie – but in the case of Lady Sonia it is all she seems to offer these days. I wouldn’t want you to miss out. Now why don’t you sit down, unzip and let me help you have a VERY special wank? I’m going to help you … Read more