Lick Mother Lick (Step) Daughter

OK, let’s start with the introductions. Up top, the brunette, and playing the role of step daughter in today’s shoot is Leanna Lovings. I like her, and she’s cute enough, but that brown thong isn’t doing a right lot for me. The reason this gallery caught my eye is because of… Yeah, slutty milf Serene … Read more

Mama Mia it’s Lucia Maria

Right then, a question for you: What is the purpose of lingerie such as this, modelled so perfectly by Lucia Maria? The reason I ask is simply one of practicality. See, this lingerie is beautiful. Colourful, certainly. Making a statement? I’d say so. But for every day or even bedroom wearing? I’m really unsure. Bare … Read more

Freya Parker & Nikki Sweet’s Secret Lesbian Diary

Freya Parker and Nikki Sweet. The first question to answer is: who’s who? Well, Nikki Sweet is the blonde in the pictures above, and by Sherlock tier powers of deduction, that must mean Freya Parker is the sexy brunette below. So which one is hotter, in your opinion? You’re welcome to leave a comment and … Read more

Savannah Bond in Blue Lingerie

I won’t waste your time with April Fools today. I don’t buy into that shit. Let’s crack on with something far more enjoyable. Yes, it’s time for something a little classical today. Sometimes I go for the love of the storyline, and other times, like today, it’s simply all about those amazing pre-shoot glamour shots. … Read more

3 Slutty Sitters

Now then guys and girls, I don’t know about you but I personally like these types of posts where there is more than one model wearing something skimpy and revealing, and I get to look at / gawp over / eye fuck all three, and then decide in my head which one I think is … Read more


Ey up, it’s mucky MILF Syren De Mer, courtesy of our friends over at FTV MILFs. Now, this is an older set. I added this picture gallery to my queue of potential slutty lingerie snaps over a year ago, and because I have tons and tons of new porn to enjoy each week, I simply … Read more

Make It Rayne

Today’s pictures of Electra Rayne in her lovely blue lingerie come from an interesting website, as far as I am concerned. Yes, these are just three of the opening set from a series at Biphoria. Now, as the name implies, Biphoria is a bisexual site. That’s bisexual in the form of MMF – male on … Read more