Freya Parker & Nikki Sweet’s Secret Lesbian Diary

Freya Parker and Nikki Sweet. The first question to answer is: who’s who? Well, Nikki Sweet is the blonde in the pictures above, and by Sherlock tier powers of deduction, that must mean Freya Parker is the sexy brunette below. So which one is hotter, in your opinion? You’re welcome to leave a comment and … Read more

Alyx Star & Nicole Sage Kiss n’ Tell

OK, today we have two young starlets and the question – as ever when we have two girls to enjoy – is which one is your favourite? First up we have knicker teasing temptress Alyx Star. For me it’s all about that first shot. The merest hint of a girl’s knickers and I’m panting like … Read more

Savannah Bond in Blue Lingerie

I won’t waste your time with April Fools today. I don’t buy into that shit. Let’s crack on with something far more enjoyable. Yes, it’s time for something a little classical today. Sometimes I go for the love of the storyline, and other times, like today, it’s simply all about those amazing pre-shoot glamour shots. … Read more

Lesbian Crime Stories #06 – Whitney Wright & Penelope Kay

Is lesbianism a crime? Well, thankfully not in the good old UK. Nor anywhere with sense, come to think of it. So what the heck is a film called Lesbian Crime Stories #6 all about? Well, there must be 5 prior films that have tried, and presumably failed to explain the premise or solve the … Read more

Luna Cleans Up

OK, not gunna lie. I straight up like this girl because she looks so dirty. And I mean dirty in that good way that means she is a bad girl. A very bad girl. My kind of girl, truth be told. And yours, too? I suspect so, what with visiting sites like this and all, … Read more

Alt Girl Jewelz Blue

Well, I mean… today I learned, right? Billed as an “alt-girl”, this blue haired big bottomed beauty is Jewelz Blu, a girl who I was absolutely certain I had already featured on here before. But a long search told me I was wrong. It’s a sign of the times when I can’t remember who I … Read more

3 Slutty Sitters

Now then guys and girls, I don’t know about you but I personally like these types of posts where there is more than one model wearing something skimpy and revealing, and I get to look at / gawp over / eye fuck all three, and then decide in my head which one I think is … Read more

Eve Blue You Away

I’ve started the year with three sets from FTV MILFs. Maybe I’m getting old. Still, it’s 23 years since Stifler coined the phrase “MILF” – and I was but a youth when that happened. So maybe I should be focusing on MILF’s these days. Acting my age, and all that. Anyway, when MILF’s are dying … Read more

Sinclair Shows Off Her Spectrum

FTV Girls is a site I’ve returned back to many times over my years in the adult entertainment industry. For one, it’s because they have consistently found amongst the cutest and freshest American girls this business has to offer. And for two, it’s because some of their staple starlets have been the most memorable of … Read more