Ella Knox And Gabbie Carter Lingerie Lesbians

Who’s ready for a hot lingerie shoot? Well Ella Knox (the brunette) and Gabbie Carter (therefore, the blonde) for a start. And me, too. And I’m guessing, you, also. Not gunna lie, this shoot, for me, is all about the delectable Gabbie Carter. Holy fuck, is she gorgeous, or what? Yes, she is. And if … Read more

Red Hot Valentina Nappi in Slutty Lingerie

When it comes to Valentina Nappi, I can pretty much enjoy any scene she is in. That facial expression – utter filth. Her body? To die for. And her passion for a lusty fuck? Unrivalled. For me though, this shoot is all about that delicious red and black lingerie. My all time favourite lingerie colour … Read more

Outdoor Whore Eve Lawrence

Stephanie McMahon, is that you? Alas, no. This is Eve Lawrence. But the likeness is uncanny. Whilst I don’t think too many of us guys would ever want to get with a street walking hooker – god knows we have enough issues right now with Corona Virus, we don’t need to risk any other diseases … Read more