Allie Haze’s Sweater Meat

I like big bums and I cannot lie… I think I’ve started a post with that at least once before. Butt in this case, it truly is true. Allie Haze has such a lovely big bottom. And a gorgeous, happy smile to boot. Ideal. The gist of this shoot is as close to “Netflix and … Read more

7 Slutty DVD’s To Kickstart 2022

Right then guys and girls, I thought I might share with you the DVD covers that took my eye as I was searching for my next watch. I’ve done two similar posts before, and they are ever popular. So what the heck, right? Let’s dive right into it. 7. UNCUT #07 Top XXX producer/director/stud Mick … Read more

Angel White Goes Out With A Bang

It’s finally here, the very last day of the year. And imagine celebrating it by going out with a bang, Angela White style. You know what is crazy? Somewhere, someone is going to get to live that dream. That’s one (or several) lucky bastard(s). Maybe it’s already happened even. Depends where abouts you live in … Read more

Alexya in Strappy Black Floral Lingerie

Is there anything hotter than a curvy woman in lingerie? I don’t think so. And this lingerie is beyond the usual. This is some glamour puss, strappy and slutty affair the likes of which this site was made for. Nice. Yes, today we feature beautifully busty Alexya, Romania’s curviest brunette export. What a country. I’m … Read more

Payton Preslee’s Pretty Pussy

I look at Payton Preslee, and the single word that comes to my mind is: Badonkadonk. The second thing that comes to mind is: what a fucking weird way to spell her second name. That’s some phonetic abomination right there. Elvis would shit the bed. Anyway, when a girl has a tattoo of a slutty … Read more

Valentina Nappi In Pink And White

Now, I should make it quite clear that a woman as hot as Valentina Nappi is so far out of my league that if you imagine the difference between a Sunday league amateur, and a Premier League player at the very top of their game, the gulf between those two is still not sufficient to … Read more