7 Slutty DVD’s To Kickstart 2022

Right then guys and girls, I thought I might share with you the DVD covers that took my eye as I was searching for my next watch. I’ve done two similar posts before, and they are ever popular. So what the heck, right? Let’s dive right into it. 7. UNCUT #07 Top XXX producer/director/stud Mick … Read more

Angel White Goes Out With A Bang

It’s finally here, the very last day of the year. And imagine celebrating it by going out with a bang, Angela White style. You know what is crazy? Somewhere, someone is going to get to live that dream. That’s one (or several) lucky bastard(s). Maybe it’s already happened even. Depends where abouts you live in … Read more

Angela White in Purple Lingerie

I say. Is there a better way to kick start one’s Tuesday than with a dash of Angela White? I think not. What what. You may know this set. I certainly do… but then, I have the full video on DVD. Because I’m a hardcore pervert. Now, it may come from more than one DVD, … Read more

7 More Lingerie Porn DVD Covers I Love

Nearly a year ago now I did post on 7 Covers That Made Me Click which has gone on to become one of the most popular posts on this whole site. Turns out what makes me click is also what makes a lot of you lot click, too. Who would have guessed? Anyway, it felt … Read more

Angela White in Red Babydoll

It has to be said that for the lady in red, this shoot of Angela White is still quite alright. A bit of rhyming action to kick start this beautifully busty babydoll shoot, and check out them colour coordinated heels as well. What a nice touch. For me, Angela White is one of the hottest … Read more

Angela White in Slutty Black Dress

Angela White is a true delight. Gorgeous, big tits, slutty as hell… the perfect woman. In this slutty set from Erotica X we get to watch Angela White teasing in her little black dress. Then her lover (Markus Dupree) – I’m guessing it’s not her husband – ravishes her in ways most men can only … Read more