Sweet As Olivia Honey

Well, hello there, miss Olivia Honey.

Giving all the vibes of the aristocracy, this is, I imagine, what happens when posh girls stop reading Tatler and start getting ready for their debutantes ball.

I’m all about lingerie with cut out bits. Bras without cups, knickers without … well, what would we call these missing sections? Sides? I really have no idea.

But I like what I see.

And I especially like what lies beneath.

To be fair, I’d expect nothing less from a high society. All that idle time, contemplating life. It’s no wonder they start thinking of their naked figures, and what best way to present themselves.

I guess all of us plebs should simply be happy that we are deemed worthy enough to take a peek.

Maybe this is finally trickle down economics at work.

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