Sophie Dee in Slutty Pink Lingerie

Look at me, I’m Sophie Dee
A stranger to virginity
Can’t stay out of bed, no matter if wed
I’m hot, I’m Sophie Dee

Not Grease

Ahh Sophie Dee. Amazingly, this is the first time her voluptuous British curves have featured here on Slutty Lingerie. My bad. My bad.

Sophie Dee has managed what many Brits try, but few succeed in:

She has cracked America.

With her model looks, and her pornstar persuasions, I guess it’s not that hard to see why.

I’ve said it before on here, and I will very likely say it again in the future, that curvy women look better in lingerie than skinny minnies. And for me, Sophie Dee looks hot AF in this shoot. It’s proper slutty, which of course, I really approve of.

In particular I love that initial shot, right at the top, with the tease of pink knickers beneath her black skirt. Oh yes.

Now, of course, this is a Brazzers shoot. You’ve very likely heard of Brazzers… and if not, welcome to 2021, there’s a fuck ton you probably don’t want to know about that’s happened whilst you’ve been away.

Now, these pictures come from a hardcore shoot, as you might expect. So if you enjoy big bums getting tongue fucked, then I‘d strongly urge you to head this way and enjoy the next few minutes of your life.

And if not? Well, there’s no hope for you. Sorry. Back under your rock with you.

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