Slutty Stripper Abella Danger

How do you like your bravado lad culture? With blackjack and strippers? Every considered a career bending girders?

Well, truth be told, I’ve never been to a strip club. Not ever.

I want to say it’s the thought of knowing I can only look, and have to pay to “touch” that puts me off. But the thing is, that’s how it is in a nightclub for me, anyway. There’s really no difference. How tragic.

Whether or not you have ever been to a strip joint, I am sure you can appreciate the curvy form of Abella Danger taking off her smalls but crucially, keeping on those “fuck me” boots.

I doubt I’d last 2 minutes if I did get a chance to put her boots taunting name to the test.

Still, it would be a fun and memorable event I’m sure. Probably cost me a few quid, too.

Hey, a bit like going to a strip club!

These shots coming from Brazzers, you don’t need to do too much thinking to guess what happens next.

But if your feeling clueless, or curious, do click here to find out more.

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