Slutty Secretary Lana Rhodes

You know what I need?

A secretary.

And a sexy one. Like Princess Meghan on Suits, or Lana Rhodes here.

Now, the truth is I am neither special nor busy enough to warrant secretarial services. But then a man such as myself wouldn’t want an inexperienced young beauty hanging around for her administerial prowess.

No sir.

Heck, wait a minute. Let’s not kid ourselves. Lana Rhodes is far from inexperienced. She very likely gets more action in a given month than I will do in my entire adult life.

And I very much doubt she will ever need to work in an office to top up her pension.

But a man can dream, right?

Heck, that’s pretty much what this entire site is all about.

Us men and our dreams.

Or maybe there’s the odd lady who arrives here, looking for a little slutty number to wear for her lucky fella?

Well, maybe.

If you fancy seeing more of what Lana gets up to, do be sure to click here. I must warn you, it’s fairly rude.

But I suspect you already guessed as much.

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