Slutty Scarlett In Naughty Knickers

How’s your Wednesday going, friend?

Possibly a little better for seeing these slutty snaps of FTV Girl Scarlett, I imagine? I can certainly attest to that.

Who doesn’t love a glimpse of hot pink knickers on a tarty young blonde?

Actually, there’s more than a glimpse on offer here.

But before I go too much further, let me just quickly comment on the waste of electricity that’s happening here. Turn that darned lamp off, it’s broad day light! No wonder the world’s utterly fucked.

Anyway, speaking of things that are utterly fucked, I can only imagine what spending an afternoon filming with a slutty little minx like this will do to a man.

Imagine, for a moment, that you have been transported (perhaps by low emission teleporter) to the USA’s West Coast, and your job is no longer as a boring accountant or project manager, but instead as a pornographic / adult model photographer. Aka, living your best life.

Now, you spend all day taking these sordid snaps, and then what? Head home to your wife, a lady who has not been kept on a knife edge of orgasm all day.

How do your lives come together?

I mean… fuck knows what I’m on about. I just got rambling. Life’s big questions, eh?

So, enough waffle. I shall leave you to enjoy the rest of your wicked Wednesday with this final shot of our slut of the day with her knickers down, ready for a little one on one action.

Go on. Click through. Get stuck in.

You know you want too.

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