Slutty Nurse Katerina Hartlova

Do nurses even dress this way? I have to say when I went for my Covid jab, the nurse was a man. And he certainly wasn’t dressed like he’d just been ambushed by Ann Summers.

Mores the pity, I supposed.

So today we have the busty European beauty Katerina Hartlova, doing her bit to prop up the NHS. Or whatever the Czech equivalent may be.

Honestly, I mean can you imagine if you went in to see the nurse and you were greeted by such a sight?

Any regular visitors to the site will know I’m all about the knickers. And that white pair poking out from beneath her sluttily short dress are well worthy of a share, I’m sure you will agree.

Also, you know, nice norks.

So Katerina Hartlova has a full site for you to enjoy. And rather than me blather on about it, why don’t you click here and take a look for yourself. Go on. There’s worse ways to spend your day.

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