Sinclair Shows Off Her Spectrum

FTV Girls is a site I’ve returned back to many times over my years in the adult entertainment industry.

For one, it’s because they have consistently found amongst the cutest and freshest American girls this business has to offer.

And for two, it’s because some of their staple starlets have been the most memorable of my browsing career.

And today’s hottie, Sinclair, is no different.

Those knickers are just the right kind of thing for this site, no?

It’s a fun and sensual beginning as we meet lovely blonde Sinclair in a blue dress, moving to the music as she favors us with a sexy dance…eventually getting completely nude and showing that shapely butt! Next she wants to practice her blowjob and tittyfucking technique so we see her with a suction cup dildo, sucking and licking it and then sliding it between her large breasts. Using her fingertips to penetrate her hole and rub her clitoris, we note the wet sounds from within…and then she reaches for a large magic wand toy for strong vibration pleasure and her first climax of the day! Outside in a cute white dress and wedges we see her relaxing against a wall with a flirty smile, revealing those amazing natural 32DDDs and spreading her legs – we note she has no panties on – using her fingers to masturbate to milky squirting orgasm before going back to the house for a peeing session out on the stone walkway. Leaning back against the door we see her spreading her legs, playing with her labia and using the vintage Vibraking toy, stimulating her clit and rubbing herself with her fingers to another milky squirt which we get to see from a couple of angles. Next we head out by some palm trees where we see her in neon green workout gear, and as she bends over to demonstrate some yoga we note how see-through those pants are…and then she pulls them off completely to spread her legs and stretch and play! Grabbing a clear dildo we see her lounging on top of a low wall, fucking herself until she has yet another squirt. A beautiful rocky waterfall is next as Sinclair relaxes in a sexy bikini, massaging and squeezing her breasts before stripping out of her swimsuit and rubbing oil all over her body as the water splashed around her. Using a pink toy, she penetrates herself harder and harder as she sits on the rock, then she lays nude in the shallow water to finger herself in both holes before inserting a buttplug for anal pleasure! Another toy goes in her vagina for double penetration as she plays with her clit, splashing in the shallows all the while until she ‘ejects’ both toys using her muscles as she climaxes. A peeing scene into the pool is next, then she hops onto a swing to twirl around in her frilly underwear….which she pulls aside to fuck herself with her clear dildo, enjoying the deep penetration and squirting orgasm with the buttplug still inside her ass! Some bonus footage finishes off this fun and very wet update with gorgeous, sexual, charismatic blonde Sinclair here on FTV!

Sinclair at FTV Girls

I’m curious to know your thoughts on Sinclair here.

She’s older than the usual FTV Girls I feature. Closer to the FTV MILF ladies… but not quite. That said MILF is all relative isn’t it? You can be a MILF at 16, it just involves popping out a sprog, doesn’t it? The council estates up and down the country are full of them.

What a way to finish off this post though, right?

Do yourself a favour and check out FTV Girls right now. If you enjoyed these snaps you’re in for a real treat.

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