Showing Off with Lottie Magne

Oh to be rich, and I guess, famous.

Imagine being a premiership footballer for a second. Maybe you already are one, in which case I’m not surprised you’re here. But let’s imagine that most of us aren’t, and let’s pretend that we are.

Still with me?


See, being extremely rich, young, super fit, and in some cases, good looking, means they (we?) have the pick of the ladies. And, I imagine, when bedding said ladies, they dress in their slutty lingerie to keep us satisfied. Heck, we’re so rich maybe we buy the lingerie for them. I really have no idea.

Anyway, today’s babe, Lottie Magne, looks like the kind of lady I expect footballers take to hotel rooms whilst their model tier wives stay home and regret marrying a fuck head.

Sweet-faced, petite redhead Lottie Magne starts in black lingerie. In a hard-hitting workout from the world of boxing, the Russian vixen rubs her pussy over her panties and reveals perfect, tiny tits. ‘I vant you so bad,’ she purrs to trainer Kai Taylor, straddling him. He sucks on her tit. Lottie rides his face, and he licks her bare cunt lips. They share 69 — she gives him a blowjob while he slurps her snatch. Kai’s big cock plunges her poon doggie-style. The Cockney cocksman positions her horizontally and props up her stockinged legs to pound her pussy. He unloads a mess of spunk onto the cute girl in an impressive cum facial. Lottie rubs the juice onto her chest and licks if from her fingers.

Lottie Magne in The Spanish Stallion: Undefeated Scene 3

Of all the shite I spout on this site, I think today’s post is up there with the most shite spouty.

I’m going to call it a day and get back to sorting my endless piles of odd socks. Have a good one!

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