Schoolgirl Becky Dreams Of Summer Holidays

Is it time for the kids school summer holidays yet?

Well, not yet for beautiful blonde Becky Roberts and her pals at St Mackenzies, the boarding school of our perverted fantasy dreams.

Imagine you go to your high school reunion, and the girl you lusted after all those years ago had come dressed up as the tarty tease you always remembered her as being. Well, that’s pretty much how I see Becky Roberts. Only… well, you know… that’s never gunna happen, and she’s better looking than any girl I went to school with by quite some distance.

So as ever with a St Mackenzies shoot, this one is themed, and here’s the story line behind the shoot:

Becky has been sent back from a school trip as she was not wearing the correct St Mackenzie’s skirt. As she waits for Headmistress she is feeling very naughty, so she climbs up on the desk and slowly strips off all her cute uniform and all her pretty lingerie, leaving her sat naked on Headmistresses desk!

Becky Roberts at St Mackenzies

Whether you buy into that sort of thing or not, you would have to be wrong in the head not to find something to appreciate in these pictures.

For me, there’s quite a lot to enjoy. The short black skirt, the black knee high socks, and that white thong… oh yes. Oh yes indeed.

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