Scarlet Chase Is A Filthy Bitch

Crikey. Every so often I come across a set so rude I am in two minds as to whether to feature it. Or maybe that should have been “ass to whether I should feature it”.

Such is the crisis / moral dilemma I faced today, when I spied this delightfully deviant depiction of harlot Scarlet Chase, and her imposing selection of sex toys.

Now, normally I don’t have any reservations of featuring toy shoots. So why is this one different?

Well… open your eyes, friend.

Just look at that first picture. That’s no ordinary toy cock. It’s some freakish beastly appendage the origins of which I’m entirely unsure of.

And then second up Scarlet has already descending into plugging her back passage with an absolute weapon, all whilst toying her front lady bottom with a hot pink plug. The girls gone wild.

If we can put the toys aside for a moment, as the sticky and shiny Scarlet appears to have done so in the picture above, we can ogle that hot pink lingerie. I know, I know, it feels like it’s playing second fiddle. But just look at it.

That’s a classy set right there. I’m sadly not sure of the brand, but it looks expensive. Loving the matching stockings and slutty colour coordinated heels, too.

Overall a banging set today from a very mucky young lady.

See the shoot, in full, by clicking here.

I’m very much doubting this one will leave just Scarlet in a bit of a sticky situation…

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