Rebecca Volpetti’s Boxing Day Party

Well… the truth of it is this is a New Years Eve set. And not one for NYE 2021 (or is that NYE 2022, I’m never really sure).

But what the hell, right?

I figured you would be doing some partying today – I know I will be off visiting relatives later in the day – and a few saucy snaps of Rebecca Volpetti enjoy champagne and a little more would be more than welcome to help work off yesterday’s turkey and stuffing hangover.

Here’s the spiel from the shoot – remember it’s for New Years Eve, not Boxing Day (which, btw, I found out that Yanks don’t even celebrate – wtf!?):

It was Rebecca Volpetti and Vinny Star’s first New Year’s Eve together. They both wanted to make it extra special, and decided to disclose each other’s resolutions. Once Vinny heard that Rebecca wanted to try anal sex, he popped open the bubbly and pushed the clock forward to midnight. Once the mood was set, this spinner took off her strapless sequin dress and spread her legs nice and wide so that Vinny could lick her tight teen pussy and get her aroused for a night of anal sex! This Italian babe couldn’t wait for her toned ass to get rammed by her Brazilian boyfriend’s huge cock. It was just a few minutes after midnight, and this gorgeous couple were using their couch as a backdrop for a sexcapade that went from doggystyle anal to all the way to piledriver. 2017 started out well for Rebecca and Vinny as he jizzed all over her juicy backside!

Rebecca Volpetti at

I spent the whole build up to Christmas posting Christmassy themed pictures. And now it’s over I am moving straight on over to the New Years Eve stuff. So expect a few more like this before the years out, including a belting one I found featuring Angela White.

Anyway, enjoy the snaps.

Check out the shoot. And the rest of Ms. Volpetti’s work.

And maybe, just maybe, you might get a blowy before the years out? Probably best putting on a lottery ticket though eh? More chance of hitting that jackpot. Sigh.

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