Nekane Knows What You Need

I’m really enjoying these naughty shots of Nekane slowly, teasingly, undressing. There’s something so hot about a curvier girl in lingerie, and Nekane has exactly the tits and ass that tickle my fancy.

This is another hot set from DDF, a site I’ve been enjoying all month long at this point. What I tend to do is pick a site for a month, pay my dues (literally), and then share what I like on this blog.

Who knows where I’ll be next month.

Anyway, I do like me a good strip tease. And whilst today’s shoot is red and black (when isn’t it, lately), it’s not red and black lingerie, per se. It’s all red lingerie today, with that alluringly short skirt. Love the belt, too. Models own?

I’m a big fan of a shoot where the lingerie / clothing is front and centre. I find that so sorely lacking on so many shoots in modern pornography. It’s all about how quickly can we get the girl stripped and sucking 6 dicks, it seems.

Sure, there’s a time and place for that kind of activity, but occasionally I want / need something different.


For me, those subtle open leg shots, flashing a hint (or a bit more) of a girls knickers is so much more arousing than some horrendous double anal affair.

No surprises then that I’m loving that shot above.

And we continue, downwards, slowly but surely undressing.

Until we reach the peach.


What a beautiful bottom.

So yes, a new one on me today – Nekane, that is – but a very welcome one, and a girl I’ll be keeping an eye out for more in the future.

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