Naughty Nurse Mona Azar

Another naughty nurse?

Yes, regular viewers (and you better be a regular viewer dammit, I ain’t writing this shit for fun) will remember that we started the week with Adira Allure (fuck me, that’s hard to spell) who stars in scene 1 of Zero Tolerance’s new release Nurses Love Black Cock.

Moving on to scene two, we have big bummed brunette Mona Azar.

Personally I love the nurses outfit. Not quite as weird as the slutty schoolgirl, yet distinctly still saucy and designed for sex. Not actually at all like real nurses outfits, which are baggy and not at all sexy.

So what’s to like about today’s outfit?

Well, for me it’s those slutty red bows on her white fishnet stockings. And those killer heels.

Oh, and let’s not forget that shapely bottom hidden under the tightly stretched nurse scrubs.

Of course things get harder inside. This is a full on interracial video after all, so expect big black cock on white girl action. You know the drill.

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