Naughty Nurse Alison Tyler

American’s do love to moan about the price of their health care.

But if their nurses look as hot as Alison Tyler, I can’t see why they complain.

This is most definitely a hardcore shoot. There’s a lot of anal in this one.

So if you like to see plump thighed nurses taking dick up their spread arse hole, then this could very well be a scene you will more than enjoy.

Now is it just me, or are red heels a sure fire way to get the blood flowing?

Combined with virginal white lingerie, and a woman who is clearly anything but, and it’s clear that whoever dressed this scene certainly knew a thing or two about arousing males attention.

Honestly, if I had to bend over and let the nurse probe me, I wouldn’t mind (much) if she looked like this.

In fact I’d be struggling not to enjoy it.

But then I’m a deviant bastard. What about you?

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