Man Alive, It’s Tommy King

Holy fucking tatty bojangles.

Today we have Tommy King, who I have to admit, I was confused about as to whether that was the name of the guy in this shoot.

But no.

I mean, fuck me, just look at that bra and thong. Jesus Christ. My day is complete. And that’s before we get to the fishnets and platforms. Holy fuck balls.

Well, as you can no doubt tell, I love this slutty lingerie.

Lustily bedecked in streetwalkin’-style fishnets and high heels, long-haired Tommy King slinks and teases for XXX provocateur Jonni Darkko’s lewd lens. The bedroom-eyed babe kneels to swallow his cock with worshipful zeal. An energetic blowjob generates a fount of bubbly spit that she drools into a martini glass. Tommy deepthroats Jonni’s meat down to his nuts, slobber dribbling from her chin. Jonni fucks her mouth hard as Tommy plays with messy saliva strands that she gargles and backwashes into the glass. With her makeup smeared across her pretty face, she continues the cocksucking, even upside-down! Jonni jackhammers her gulping gullet, a thick runoff of slobber soaking her face and hair. Jonni blasts her with a cum facial. Tommy laps up the commingled spit and sperm like a highball chaser. Smiling as she swallows the messy concoction, Ms. King proves herself be BJ royalty!

Tommy King: Deepthroat Blowjob Queen at Evil Angel

Being a bit of a prude, however, I am actually less keen on the shoot that follows.

Once the lingerie stuff is out of the way, this one’s a total cum fest. It’s not my bag, really. But to each their own. I don’t judge. I just prefer the glamour stuff, rather than turning a girl into a hot mess.

Anyway, you may be right into it. Like I say, I don’t judge. And truthfully depending on how lust crazed I am feeling, I might even go for that kind of thing myself, every once in a while.

You never know, maybe your wife would be into this kind of thing. The only way is to give her an unexpected test run the next time your under the covers together. She’d love that.

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