Lucy Ava at Only Tease

Oi Oi!

Ava look at this saucy set…

Yup, today we have curvy cutie Lucy Ava, and boy oh boy am I digging that thong. And digging is the right word, I feel, because the way the skimpy fabric delicately presses in at her waist is driving me all kinds of crazy.

Now, these shots – as the watermark implies – are straight off of Only Tease.

So hot girls in their skimpies in ever increasing states of sexy undress is very much the order of the day. In fact I’d go so far as to say they are masters of their craft.

Heck, I’d go further than that.

I’d say Only Tease (and all their other network of sites) are the very best of their kind on this side of the pond. Yes, a fully UK operation, and maybe that’s why they tick so many boxes for me.

Honestly, you will find no better selection of British beauties. And half of Europe to boot.

These are stunning girls, in sexy outfits and often little else, and all for our own erotic excitement.

Yes. All day yes.

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