Kinuski In A Corset

Today we have the delightfully gorgeous Kinuski, perhaps the most under rated model working in porn today.

For a girl this attractive to be capable of such debauchery on camera is a rare treat indeed.

Gorgeous Kinuski has a lovely surprise for her lover Toby when she walks-in. She disrobes in front of him to show off her sexy lingerie. This gets Toby’s cock hard. He deeply wants to place his cock in Kinuski’s warm tight ass. She offers her ass which Toby pounds his throbbing cock deep inside her making her moan in pleasure. Then showers her gaping asshole with a blast of hot cum.

Disrobed and Ready at 21 Sextury

Sometimes the outfit itself is the star of the show.

Sometimes it’s the girl.

In this case, I think it’s both.

I urge you to explore the internet and find more of Kinuski. She is so hot, and properly up for it.

A real treat.

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